Media relations is an important service that NJBankers provides to its membership and the citizens of New Jersey. Through this program, NJBankers looks to provide balanced coverage of banking and other news affecting the financial services industry.  We do this by maintaining open communications with business reporters and offering comments and perspective on issues when appropriate. NJBankers is known as a reliable and easily accessible source for information. These relationships have led to reporters and editors to be much more interested in industry ideas for coverage on topics that would be of interest to readers or viewers.

NJBankers' members play an important role in this communications plan and are encouraged to participate through the NJBankers’ Media Resource Group. Members can volunteer to be considered to respond to media inquiries on their particular area(s) of expertise. Participants will always be asked by NJBankers’ staff for permission before any contact information is provided to a reporter. If you are interested, please complete the Media Resources Group form or contact John Mangini, VP/Director of Marketing and Communications, at or 908-272-8500, ext 643.   

Media Contact

Please direct all media inquiries to John Mangini at or 908-272-8500 x643.

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