Statistical Report Analysis
Each quarter, the NJBankers publishes its Statistical Report Analysis that provides participating members a customized quarterly financial performance overview, a peer group ratio analysis, historical data table based on information collected from FDIC Call Reports.

The report includes a detailed analysis of your institution’s fundamental performance relative to similar sized and chartered institutions located in New Jersey.  It provides a comprehensive analysis of the state’s banking industry, including funding mix, earning asset, credit quality, and profitability trends.  It also includes a review of recent M&A activity in the region and related deal multiples.

Additionally, it includes detailed economic data on the state of New Jersey, including unemployment trends, household income, and other useful metrics.

In addition to providing a valuable service to participating members, the information is useful to NJBankers staff in communicating industry statistics to the media. 

Contact is Wendy Mandelbaum 908-272-8500 ext. 603 or