The NJBankers Leadership Academy Will Fire Up Your Career, Your Contribution to Your Bank and to the Banking Industry!


The NJBankers Leadership Academy is a comprehensive program which provides the tools for all levels of bankers to succeed in their careers, support their financial institution, and advocate for the banking industry. Participation in the educational modules of The NJBankers Leadership Academy is a win-win-win opportunity for all; the student banker, the bank and the industry! 

The NJBankers Leadership Academy is composed of many modules that address the necessary skills for moving one’s career forward and moving the bank into the future.

These modules include:

  • Success Through Effective Management (STEM); 
  • a Bootcamp for Women in Banking which will cultivate expression leading to better communication;
  • Unlocking Your Leadership Style with DISC;
  • Advanced Leadership: Leading Your Managers;
  • Emerging Leaders certification for the next generation of managers who will guide the success of a financial institution's future; and
  • a Directors Certification Training Program for ensuring bank directors are prepared to successfully deal with the multitude of issues facing directors today 



STEM is also a three-day program with classes on Management Fundamentals, Coaching for Success and Planning & Conducting Effective Performance Evaluations. The prerequisite is that participants are Assistant Branch Managers, Branch Managers, and/or Department Managers.

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Women's Leadership in the 21st Century

The Women’s Leadership in the 21st Century is a Communication Boot Camp. This module is an intensive, practical, highly interactive boot camp which focuses candidly and analytically on the communication challenges facing women in banking today.  This is a full-day program for women wishing to develop the ultimate career advantage, being a stronger communicator at work. All levels of bankers may participate.

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Unlocking Your Leadership

This program is designed for any employee who wants to be a more effective leader.

The foundation of effective leadership lies in understanding self, understanding others and realizing the impact of personal behavior on the people around you. The DISC Assessment® has unlocked the door to productive communication and relationships for over 20 million people, worldwide.  The DISC Model provides nonjudgmental language for exploring behavioral styles across 4 primary dimensions. Using the DISC Profile tool, participants will be introduced to a guiding framework for understanding the behaviors of others and how to best utilize these relevant differences in the workplace.

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Advanced Leadership

This program is designed for Managers/Leaders who Manage Managers

Pre-Requisite:  Completion of a DISC Training Program or Equivalent

Leading your managers who have direct reports requires a very different skill set than managing a team of individual contributors. To be effective in that role, leaders need to move beyond making sure that work expectations are met and focus more heavily on coaching their managers to support and develop their teams. 

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STEPS is a three-day program with classes on Critical Skills for Supervisors, Coaching for High Performance and Time Management & Delegation. This module is for Head Tellers/Teller Supervisors and/or Departmental First-Line Supervisors.

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Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program is designed to enhance the organizational, performance, and leadership skills of highly motivated managers who have the potential to become future leaders in the banking industry.  The program’s content is designed to develop emerging leaders in the areas of leading change, maximizing team development, talent development/performance management, communication effectiveness, strategic banking, and individual development planning. As the prerequisite for this module, participants should have direct reports and three – five years management experience with potential for leadership.

This program is an eleven month blended learning program.  Participants will be required to participate in an online program (which provides flexibility for their schedules) as well as attend full day programs as scheduled.  Between sessions, participants will be required to practically apply newly acquired skills, get feedback from their institutional mentor, and then discuss what worked or did not work as part of the next learning session. Students will be required to complete a “leadership challenge” project that will not only foster their own development, but benefit their institution.  

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The Director Certification Training Program

The Director Certification Training Program is designed to provide valuable learning and networking opportunities for bank directors. The Program was developed by FinPro, Inc., in order to provide broad exposure to the challenges and opportunities faced by today’s financial institutions. The program’s components include web-based training, in-person conferences, new board member training and customized full board training.

With the Director Certification Training Program, directors have the opportunity to demonstrate that they are keeping abreast of industry developments and trends by participating in a variety of learning platforms.  The Program provides an annual certification designation to those directors that meet participation criteria. 

FinPro Inc., a leading strategic consulting and capital markets firm, has partnered with NJBankers in this multi-faceted educational program. The Program is an extension of FinPro’s Leadership and Education division.

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The Partners

CFT Atlantic & Central States is dedicated to providing professional education and training programs, products, and services that continually meet the needs of the financial services industry and maintain the highest standards of excellence in implementation, delivery and administration.

FinPro, Inc., established in 1987, is a full service management consulting firm specializing in providing advisory services to the financial institutions industry. An industry leader in strategic planning, board retreat moderation, planning, enterprise risk management, leadership and education, corporate governance, market feasibility, de novo bank formation, asset/liability management, and regulatory consulting, FinPro also conducts M&A through its wholly owned subsidiary, FCA, as a FINRA registered broker/dealer.


Founded more than 113 years ago, the New Jersey Bankers Association (NJBankers) is a trade association representing banks headquartered or doing business in New Jersey. NJBankers provides a variety of services to members including government relations at both the state and national levels; education and professional development, and employee health and welfare insurance benefit programs through its licensed insurance brokerage facility, Bankers Cooperative Group.

Established in 1992, Performance Management Solutions is a full service consulting and training firm that specializes in areas of management, leadership, and organizational development in the financial services industry. 

The firm’s President, Cynthia S. Rowan, has helped a variety of organizations improve their profitability by designing and implementing talent development initiatives, curriculum design and delivery of leadership, management, and customer service programs, culture change enhancements, as well as comprehensive performance evaluation initiatives.  She has received numerous honors for her work and has spoken at a variety of local, national and international conferences.

With over 20 years of experience in banking; Cindy has successfully served in a variety of positions within the retail, lending, and credit areas as well as a senior officer in the areas of human resources, training and development. Her “hands on” expertise in the field makes her highly effective in her consulting and training endeavors within the financial organizations she serves. She continues a long relationship as a resource to member institutions of the Center for Financial Training (CFT) as well as the NJ Banker’s Association.  For more information about the Performance Management Solutions, please visit the website at