The Directors Certification Training Program
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Knowledge and continued learning are indispensable for bank directors to properly fill their roles at financial institutions. The New Jersey Bankers Association, in partnership with FinPro, Inc., is pleased to announce a multi-faceted educational program, the Director Certification Program, designed to provide valuable learning and networking opportunities for bank directors. This new program is a part of NJBankers Leadership Academy.

The responsibilities of a bank director has changed significantly in recent decades.  Directors are expected to be conversant in a growing list of regulatory matters and face a plethora of decisions each month relating to matters on the business of banking - from financial to lending to technology to marketplace competition. 

The Director Certification Program was developed to provide broad exposure to the challenges and opportunities faced by today’s institutions. The program’s components include web-based training, in-person conferences, new board member training and customized full board training.

With the Director Certification Program, directors have the opportunity to demonstrate that they are keeping abreast of industry developments and trends by participating in a variety of learning platforms.  The Program provides an annual certification designation to those directors that meet participation criteria.  


Credits Required

To receive annual certification status, participants must be enrolled in the program and earn 15 credits over a 12 month period. At minimum, participants must partake in at least one in-person conference and one web-based education session.  Credits can be earned as follows:

  • Web-based Training – one credit per hour with a cap of 10 credits
  • In-person Conferences –   one credit per hour with a cap of 10 credits
  • Custom Board Training – one credit per hour with a cap of 10 credits
  • New Director Training – one credit per hour with a cap of 10 credits

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1) In Person Conferences                                                                                                                                    

There is nothing like being in a room with like-minded people who share the same goal of ensuring vigilant board governance for their bank. In person conferences facilitate connections between attendees and expert instructors.  Hearing from a “live” instructor also enables attendees to ask questions right then and there. Directors Certification Training conferences will energize a board so they come away with actionable tools for leading a bank prudently.

  • Directors College with the FDIC - SAVE THE DATE - October 18, 2018                                                                                                                     
  • FinPro's Annual Presidents and Directors Conference  - November 1, 2018 Registration  
  • Board & Management Leadership Summit  - March 2019 More information is forthcoming.

2)  Web-based Training 

In this fast-paced world, time is valuable. Web-based training provides flexibility and mobility– directors can take their courses anytime, from anywhere. This means they can decide when they are best able to focus on the program to get the training they need, based on their own schedules. Participation in the Directors Certification Program can be accomplished on a train, on a plane or any other time, as the whole world would now be a classroom! 

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3)  Customized Board Training

Institution specific training sessions are facilitated by the most experienced professionals at FinPro who are experts in director education.  The agenda is customized for the Bank covering all critical issues affecting the Bank. Delivered on-site or at the FinPro office, the structure of these training sessions is determined by the Bank in order to accommodate directors’ schedules.  The key to this training program is a comprehensive collection of critical topics with training delivered using both the bank’s financial metrics and strategic direction. This initiative is what the industry has been calling for- custom and concise training. General director training, including attendance at national conferences, doesn't educate directors thoroughly so they can fulfill their fiduciary duties for prudent corporate governance. The Directors Training Program provides bank directors the opportunity for the credible challenges (regulatory focus) during Board meetings.  

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4)  New Director Training

New directors are likely to require some key information and training when they are first appointed to the board. The Directors Certification Training Program provides the resources and connections new board members will need to maximize their understanding of their responsibilities for prudent corporate governance. The Program creates a platform where new directors can seize opportunities for sharpening their leadership skills and come away with actionable insights and tools for leading their bank into the future.   

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