William D. Moss

It’s been said that the only thing that never changes is that everything changes. Certainly we, as bankers, regularly experience changes in our industry from onerous regulations to relief from onerous regulations to mergers and acquisitions to understanding New Jersey’s proposed legalization of marijuana to accepting the behavior of the Millennial generation.

One constant, however, is NJBankers. The Association stands ready whenever we need them. Whether providing professional development opportunities; protecting our interests in Trenton and Washington; or connecting bankers to one another, service providers, legislators, regulators, the press or the community; NJBankers is consistently adapting to change in order to be relevant and nimble in an ever-evolving industry.

Technology, cybersecurity, Libor, BSA- they’re all top of mind for financial institutions because these potential threats affect our ability to remain competitive and impact profits.  This is where the Association will help drive our success if we drive the engagement of all levels of bankers including team members serving in branches, loan departments, human resources, and even C-suite executives.

Individuals in the “trenches” are responsible for ensuring your success and know about the day-to-day challenges associated with their positions. These team players would no doubt find seminars, conferences and committees valuable. They can network and learn more about working smarter not harder.

NJBankers needs their participation, suggestions and voice. After all, when we all participate in a dialogue, the relationship to issues deepens and becomes more accurate.

The more bankers who participate in Association initiatives, the more contacts, resources and access to information they will have. Through shared learning, they will find the answers to the questions that face your bank. NJBankers offers real-world help for sharpening the skills they need to be their best which ultimately leads to your bank thriving- whether in terrific market conditions or in uncertain times.

For their part, NJBankers has recently launched an Emerging Financial Leaders Group made up of bankers aged 21 – 40 who will participate in professional development, philanthropic and networking activities. The Association has also launched the Rising Stars Awards to recognize the future leaders of the industry. You can read more about these Rising Stars in this issue. We hope that you will nominate a Rising Star for this distinguished honor next year.

In addition, NJBankers is restructuring committees to focus on the changing needs of members. For example, the newly formed STOC Committee (Security, Technology, Operations, Cybersecurity) brings members together whose duties require innovative technology; operational expertise; physical, cyber and data security.

NJBankers has also refreshed and reinvigorated its professional development line-up. For example, the Annual Conference and Senior Management Conference provided more educational opportunities. The Marketing Conference got a whole new feel with a new location and speaker. The BSA Conference attendees also enjoyed a new speaker and a schedule change.

It’s no secret that ongoing mergers and acquisitions have reduced the number of long-standing bank members. Yet recognizing the value of membership in NJBankers, Cornerstone Bank and Parke Bank have joined the Association. We certainly encourage their teams to take advantage of all the Association offers.

So stay connected and share the opportunities for making connections with your team. We will all benefit from increased participation and will keep NJBankers strong, significant and vibrant.