William D. Moss

I’m excited and honored to be NJBankers 2018 – 2019 Chairman. This is my first feature letter to members but before I share my message, let me begin by thanking Former Chairman Jim Vaccaro for his leadership and guidance this past year. I’d also like to acknowledge John McWeeney’s commitment to making NJBankers a premier organization for representing our members. He, along with Mike Affuso and Jenn Zorn, do a great job leading advocacy, education and business development efforts. I look forward to working with them and the entire NJBankers staff representing you, our valued members, for the next year. 

When I was elected to my first tour on the NJBankers Board in 2008, I was excited to participate and help guide the Association. Many years later, I have that same excitement as your new Chairman.  As I went through the Chairs, I experienced the importance of participation for the success of the Association and of the industry. With member participation, the Association can count on us to support their efforts in New Jersey as well as in Washington. In addition, with member participation, the Association will be able to better execute their mission of providing opportunities for the professional development needs of our staffs and even ourselves.

With professional development comes the need for experts who share the latest information for compliance, lending, cybersecurity and human resources, to name a few business lines, by speaking at seminars and conferences. NJBankers speakers, who are Endorsed, Select and Associate Member Service Providers, present leading-edge topics and recommendations at events because they are experienced professionals. When you are at NJBankers events, connect with these Service Providers. Speak with them and stop to visit their displays. This participation and engagement goes a long way as they support NJBankers initiatives in many ways including sponsorships. Service providers appreciate face-to-face conversations and may just have the solution you need to move your bank forward.

Member participation is key to the strength and vitality of the Association, your bank, as well as the banking industry. One way to participate is to join a Committee. NJBankers has 34 Committees and there’s one for nearly everyone at our banks. You’ve heard John call Committees the lifeblood of the Association and I couldn’t agree more. In a rapidly changing environment, Committee interaction keeps us and our staffs up to speed on top issues. You just get a different view when networking and sharing with others.

As a past president of the Community Bankers Association, I recognize the importance of having an engaged membership. The organization, however, is transitioning. There are fewer banks than just a year ago and that means fewer CEO participants.

The same is happening at NJBankers. Membership is slowly declining – not that we should panic – but it causes us to think about the future.  A solution? Participation and engagement.

Participation makes your staff stronger and the Association viable. Seasoned bankers benefit with a fresh point of view. Emerging leaders benefit personally and professionally. NJBankers offers The NJBankers Leadership Academy, an intense look at the components of leadership. By enrolling rising stars in the Academy, the bank enjoys the benefits of energizing up-and- coming leadership and the Association benefits by introducing the rising star to Association benefits.

We’ve all been talking about hiring and retaining Millennials. We’ve been advised that they want continued education. They’ll get it by participating in NJBankers seminars and conferences and especially through the Academy. Millennials want to share ideas. They can do this sitting on Committees and networking at events. They want to be recognized. I encourage nominations for the Emerging Leaders Rising Star Awards.  They want to be involved in community service. NJBankers can provide that as well. Plus, a Young Bankers program is being designed to engage Millennials in the industry and in the community.

I ask you to join me as an active participant in NJBankers. Use the many opportunities the Association offers to grow; and speak with Service Providers about the solutions they bring to members. When you are engaged, you’ll understand why NJBankers is “Making Connections”.  

In conclusion, I am truly honored to serve as your next Chairman and look forward to working with you, the Board, John and our great staff.