Government Relations - NJBankers Most Critical Service for Members
NJBankers represents members in front of legislators and regulators. NJBankers understands Trenton and Washington and is committed to advocating for the Garden State banking industry to ensure the success of our members. We also provide Members the opportunity to hear from and engage with regulators through our COES conference calls and at live events 

    Access to BCG Benefits Programs
Bankers Cooperative Group (BCG) is the licensed insurance brokerage facility of NJBankers. BCG provides one-source insurance coverage including medical, dental, vision, EAP, term life, specialty lines property and casualty programs, and so much more. Clients are eligible to receive annual patronage dividends which will boost your bottom line. With BCG, insurance companies won’t give you the runaround; you’ll speak directly with a BCG representative who does the legwork for you.

    Discover New and Attend Established Professional Development Events
NJBankers presents educational seminars, conferences and events that keep members up-to-date on developments in the banking industry and also promote personal growth. From frontline to C-suite, to Auditing to Women in Banking, there’s something for everyone who wants to improve their skills.

    Develop up-and-coming leaders
The Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) was formed to provide Garden State bankers and NJBankers Associate Members , ages 21 – 40, the opportunity to take their careers to the next level to become the future leaders of the bank and the industry. ELN members enjoy professional development conferences, networking events, and community service days.

    Timely and efficient Director Training
The responsibilities and role of bank directors has changed significantly and those who are deemed negligent may be subject to criminal prosecution, civil money penalties, civil liability and removal from the Board. NJBankers has partnered with FinPro for a Webinar Package that delivers timely and efficient training on key concepts that may differentiate between success and regulatory problems.

    Committee Participation Results in Solutions
Committees allow bankers to exchange ideas, propose questions and get answers from others who share the same duties. Sitting on a Committee results in more informed bankers who in turn guide their bank to success.

    Networking Builds Relationships
NJBankers facilitates networking for a gathering of like minds and to meet with both fellow bankers and solution providers. It’s a combination of “what you know” and “who you know”.

    Publications Keep Bankers Informed
Our e-newsletter, Connections, and magazine, New Jersey Banker, provide articles on topical subjects that are written by experts.

    Rider University and Office Depot Exclusive Discounts
Rider University Offers Tuition Discounts for NJBankers Member employees. The reduction applies to all undergraduate, part-time graduate on-campus and select online programs. This is an exceptional benefit for attracting and retaining your staff. Our partnership with Office Depot results in savings and provides everything you need to keep your business organized and ready. Office Depot offers discounts to Member employees as well.

    Access to Member & Associate Member Directories
NJBankers provides online directories of Member and Associate Member contacts. Scroll through the selections to find the people who will help you find solutions.

    NJBankers Business Services - High Expectations for Product and Service Quality
You can count on the NJBankers Business Services Board to provide members with access to solution providers who have been screened for their ability to meet our high standards. You can count on the companies who have earned the distinction of being NJBankers Endorsed or Select Service Providers.

Thank you!

The New Jersey Bankers Association thanks you for your membership and the trust you have placed in us to represent your interests in Trenton and Washington.  While government relations is our primary service to you, our staff is also dedicated to providing a wide array of other services to help your institution compete in today’s challenging environment. Each year, we offer over 40 traditional educational seminars, hundreds of online and telephone seminars, opportunities to serve on over 20 industry committees, a host of publications to keep you abreast of developments affecting the financial services industry, media relations and many networking events.

Please use the links provided on this members’ web page to learn more about our services so that you can fully benefit from your membership.  Our success in serving the industry can only be fully achieved with the active involvement of you and your staff!

If we can be of any service to you or your staff, please reach out to us.  

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Benefits of Membership

The Voice of the Garden State Banking Industry
For questions, visit and find the staff member who can help you take advantage of all your benefits or call the office at 908-272-8500 to have your questions directed to the best person at the Association or BCG